Senior Algorithm Designer

Palo Alto, CA
Full-time position
Starts from July 2017


Semplus is looking for a talented and creative senior algorithm expert to join the Semplus team in the role of an algorithm wizard. The candidate must have a strong background in image reconstruction. With its strong algorithms and applied mathematics background applied in the field of touch interfaces in the past 7-10 years, he will play an important role in the enthusiastic and energetic Semplus team and will contribute to develop its algorithms IP portfolio. The job consists in inventing algorithms using techniques such as optimization, linear programming, Bayesian statistics, graphics, filtering, regression and classification, to just name a few, and redesign them to perform in the framework of the Semplus sensing technology. The candidate will focus on the advanced development of the touch interface, to push forward the capabilities and feature set of the core technology.


The engineer will define the algorithm requirements by collecting them from multiple stakes holders, define the concepts, build development plan, lead the algorithm development by guiding other members, and work with other team members to implement the algorithms into products to add values to Semplus’s touchpanel solution. Development and deployment of novel touch reconstruction algorithms for boosting up the sensor performances Explore optimal algorithm designs to fit in the limits offered by the resources of the embedded platform Supervising the implementation of pre-­?processing and post-­?processing techniques for touch data filtering and enhancement Maintaining the versioning of the algorithm IP development Working with other team members to assemble and test the touch sensor firmware Coordinating work with other member of the team Maintaining detailed knowledge of state of the art techniques in a dynamic and evolving research field Patent the inventions and improvements of the technology.


7-­10 years’ experience on algorithm implementation, best in the field of touch interfaces Strong background in complexity analysis of algorithms, numerical mathematics, model identification and data analysis, statistical signal processing, and image processing. Encyclopedic knowledge of the state-­?of-­?the-­?art algorithms employed in signals and image reconstruction. Experience with embedded (preferred) Required expertise with Python or MatLab as a scripting language for fast algorithm analysis and implementation Fluent C++/C programming.

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