Semplus develops a multi-touch pressure sensor, designed to address and solve the needs of a 3D enhanced user experience across today’s touch interfaces in automotive, mobile, gaming, virtual reality and desktop.

Enhancing the relationship between users and devices, offering a deeper and more intuitive interaction.

Our company combines unique technical features, like an optically clear touchscreen, single layer technology, an easy-to-use and superior design to enable products that are aesthetically unique, enjoyable and more powerful.

A new layer of interaction

We develop touch modules, including touchscreens and touch controllers, based on a patented technology that combines touch and pressure capabilities in a single touch layer with extraordinary optical clarity for better readability in sun light.

Our technology can be integrated into curved displays and offer unique multi-pressure and single pressure gestures to exploit the soft nuances of human touch.

“Flexibility and pressure allow smart interfaces in every objects and surfaces of our world.”